We are Ecosquared.

Sometimes, genuine value is tricky to spot .

Are you our solution?

We have a working prototype and are now building a beta. We are launching Winter 2016. Can you supply exceptional content for our viral engine?

  • beautiful track or album
  • superb game app
  • quality chapter or book
  • awesome short or video
  • arresting image or gif
  • inspirational conference
  • exciting online tournament
  • powerful charity challenge

Introducing a global Gift Economic.

Takes courage to use a tool which promises 3,000 years of disruption.

Ecosquared hacks money in three different ways.

Make the Decision

By enabling each user to accept/reject gifts, marketing and sales is combined into one single user action on our app.

Gratitude is Key

Share what you value with who you value, and help build a robust global trust-metric.

Viral Incubator

Ecosquared lets products naturally find customers through social networks, generating both viral distribution as well as long-tail income streams.

Learn how Ecosquared can crowd-fund/value/source anything.