We are Ecosquared.

Let your audience find you.

What does our platform do?

We've re-engineered money at source, creating the world's first value economic with the following features:

  • virally distribute content without advertising
  • generate revenue for any digital content
  • crowd-source who and what you need
  • crowd-fund continuously
  • transforms from push to pull system
  • upgrade us from customers to ambassadors

Introducing a global Gift Economic.

3,000 years of disruption at your fingertips.

Ecosquared consists of three systems.

Gift Mechanism

Our platform combines sales and marketing into a single user action. No more marketing. No more advertising. Upgrade your customers to ambassadors. Let us share what we value with who we value. Our tool generates revenue and distributes virally any digital content without advertising. Let your audience find you.

Gratitude Engine

Our USP algorithm helps any group of users track value. Whether in an office or classroom, young or old, track value through gratitude. Use this as a base line for voting, rewards or a baseline for revenue distribution. The world's first non-currency trust metric.

Project Mirror

Invite friends and colleagues, crowd-fund your projects, see their current social and financial health at any instant. Grow an idea to its full potential, attracting the right people and money to making it happen.

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